Fear Free Veterinary Care

Providing a safe, relaxing, and comfortable environment

We are Fear Free!

At Suburban Animal Hospital, our goal is to ensure that we are providing you and your pet with a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment at our hospital. All of our veterinarians and 80% of our staff are Fear Free certified. Our team of veterinary professionals will always strive to alleviate every one of our patients’ fear, stress, and anxiety.

What is Fear Free?

The Fear Free initiative takes a comprehensive approach to reducing stress during veterinary visits and decreasing anxiety for companion animals at home. Reducing fear, stress, and anxiety during veterinary visits allows for enhanced patient and client experiences.

The incorporation of education, communication, tools, tricks, and a shared common goal of providing veterinary care that focuses on the pet’s emotional health and physical health is what makes a veterinary visit Fear Free. It is about recognizing signs of FAS (fear, anxiety, and stress) and adjusting our approach, prioritizing patient needs, and collaborating with the client throughout the entire process.

What Should I Expect at a Fear Free Visit?

The Fear Free Visit starts before the pet arrives at the veterinary office. It begins with acclimating your pet to carriers and transport methods. As a client, you are encouraged to bring your pet’s favorite treats, toys, or any item that provides them comfort. Upon arrival to the office, your pet may be received in a variety of ways: remaining in the car until an examination room is ready, alternate entrances, pheromone infused towels placed over carriers, or bandanas around your pet’s neck. You may hear music in a quieter lobby area or be asked to sit in a specific location to help your pet or other pets with reducing stress while you wait. Our team may try various food items, ask questions about your pet’s preferences, adjust the approach with your pet, discuss pre-visit medications, and potentially rescheduling if a pet is not receptive to care that day. Education tools, resources, and handouts may be provided to you. Perhaps the most important expectation is that you and your pet experience a visit focused on your pet’s emotional and physical care.

Preparing for your Fear Free Vet Visit

As Fear Free Certified Professionals, we want to make your veterinary care experience as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. To accomplish that, we need to understand what your pet might find upsetting. That information will help us to provide better care for your pet. Please fill out our questionnaire.

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